Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z opiniami naszych studentów na temat International Language School of Poland.


Excellent experience and better than what I expected.

In general, the classes, teachers, location, facilities and activities are good.

What I liked more, for example, were that the classes were not big and no more than 7 people in each class. That helps students to understand easier and practice more. I think practicing is the most important thing in studying a language, so this exists at ILSP.

The teachers are respectful and respect what I believe, and let students practice as much as possible.
In fact, what I did not like was the housing because the flat was old.

In general, I felt comfortable at ILSP because the management is very great. So I recommend this school to my friends.


Mahdi Ali Busaleh , course duration, 12 weeks


The best institution I have ever seen.

The teacher is amazing and my English language has changed since I was here.


Ammar AL-Thaqafi , course duration 22 weeks, intensive English