Pre-Medical Course

Innovative intensive one-year course

Premedical is an innovative intensive one-year course addressed at those who wish to enter a degree program in Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry and Pharmacy. The program provides its participants with thorough knowledge and skills indispensable when preparing for and taking entrance exams. The course is designed to prepare you for successful entry to medical school.

Structure of the course

The program consists of two major elements, which allows for deep revision of one’s knowledge, skills and abilities:

The course may last for one or two semesters depending on the students’ back-ground skills.
There are two intakes for each programme in March and September.

Students who do not have a good working knowledge of English language can join a one or two semester additional intensive English language course.
The course offers classes in General English, Reading, Writing, Communication, Sci-ence Reading, Business English, English for Special Purposes, etc., fitted to the needs of the students and their future studies in the field in which they wish to complete their fur-ther education.