Language Courses

We cooperate not only with individual students but also provide in-company courses.


Maybe you are keen to learn a new language, but you want to try something different… something more exotic… a more “unusual” type of language… What about Arabic?

Knowing Arabic, which is an official language in 22 countries, will give you a career edge in such fields as diplomacy, business, engineering, international development and grant you tons of amazing opportunities in the geographical region, which stretches from Southwest Asia to Northwest Africa.

We teach the “formal” Arabic language, known as Classical Arabic and its dialects.


Your lessons will be topic-based focusing on various issues from current affairs to everyday issues.

Your professional and friendly teachers will expand on lesson topics helping you to increase your vocabulary, work on your grammar, improve your sentence construction and allow you to express yourself in the correct way.


Knowing German will make you easier communicate with more then 100 mlm. people in their mother tongue. You will get to know more about the culture of Germany, Austria, Switzerland. It will give you a possibility to get education or make a career in German speaking countries.


Spanish is one of the most popular languages in the world. Everyday more then 350 mln. people use this language as their mother tongue and more then 70 mln. use it as their second language.

Find out out more about the amazing culture of Spain through learning Spanish.

Olé !!!

Polish for foreigners

Are you interested in learning Polish ?

Did you come to Poland for a while and you need to speak Polish?
Maybe you met some lovely polish lady or gentleman?

Don’t wait any longer – come and learn Polish with ILSP!
You will see how easy it is, if you practise this language with us.


Russian is one of the most widely spoken native languages in Europe.
The Russian alphabet may initially seem intimidating because of the Cyrillic characters it contains.
Russian is being mastered by an increasing number of people around the world. They have found it worth the effort for many reasons, not the least of which is the great body of Russian literature which ranks among the most brilliant in the world.